ABCP Certification Verification

Welcome to the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion Verification System.

This service is provided by the ABCP to assist individuals and organizations requiring primary source verification of an individual’s certification status. Names of individuals currently certified by the ABCP are available to the public. The only information that will be provided via this service is the name of the certified individual, home city/state, ABCP ID number, and certification expiration date. Names must be an exact match to the legal name in our database to return a result.

The ABCP does offer State Licensure letters that must be sent directly from the ABCP. These letters are sent electronically to our contact for each state within 1-2 business days of the initial request. If you need one of these letters, please include the state(s) you are requesting and if they want your exam scores. You can email that request to our office using our general inbox at

For any additional questions, please contact our office at or 414-918-3008. 





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