Simulation Center Approval Policy


The ABCP defines High-Fidelity Perfusion Simulation (HFPS) as the use of simulation modalities or mechanisms to create a realistic patient model or perfusion situation. HFPS must be an interactive process facilitated by ABCP certified perfusionists (CCPs) using standardized medical simulation devices. These devices must integrate realistic perfusion events experienced during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures in a manner similar to a realistic surgical setting using a conventional heart-lung machine or ECMO circuit. HFPS utilizes computerized simulation modalities or scenarios that are controlled or programmed by a CCP external to the perfusionist. These functions may be altered by a Simulation Facilitator as an interactive result of learner actions.

surgical equipment

For each interactive simulation or series of simulations, providers must include:

Case credits may be obtained by CCPs for ABCP-approved simulations; learn more about the procedure through this link.

Form 15e Access the Simulation Provider Application.