Continuing Education Providers


Approval Procedure

To obtain approval to provide cardiovascular perfusionists with Category I CEUs or SDCE credits, sponsoring organizations, agencies or individuals must:

  • Review the ABCP approval policy.
  • Complete and submit the appropriate Application Packet* along with requested documentation.
  • Submit a processing fee online according to the following tiered structure (Effective January 1, 2014)-
    • Tier I- from 1-10 CEUs $150;
    • Tier II- from 11-20 CEUs $250;
    • Tier III- from 21-30 CEUs $350;
    • Tier IV- 31 or more CEUs $450;
    • Late fee $100.

*Application Packets

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Form 12e ↓Download the Program Approval Form

Self-Directed Continuing Education (SDCE)

Form 13e ↓Download the Annual Module Approval

Form 14e ↓Download the Multiple Day Module Approval

Download and complete any form with MS ExcelMS Excel logo. Submit the completed file(s) as an e-mail attachment to

perfusion equipment

For questions and concerns about CEU program approval please send an email to Phillip Bailey at